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Geomaap offers customized courses in geodata science. Our approach is to provide 1-3 day courses in which you can learn and apply introductory and more advanced methods used in geospatial analysis and data visualization. We believe that reproducibility is an essential aspect of all learning, which is why we only use open source tools such as Python, QGIS, SGeMS, OpendTect, Orange and Dash. All the material used in the course (script, code, projects, datasets) will be yours to use and you will be able to reproduce the analysis learned in class.


Lorenzo Perozzi

Geo Data Scientist, PhD

I'm a Geo Data Scientist with 10 years of experience in geospatial analytics for surface and subsurface characterisation and uncertainty quantification. Python is my daily language of choice, which offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to working with data and integrate new analysis within the framework of the standard GIS and modeling softwares. I am passionate about open-source developments and innovative approaches to help customers reach their objectives, and share what I know through blog posts and course materials.

  • Price500 to 1000 CHF
    per person, per day
  • Duration1 to 3 days
  • AudienceGeoscientists
    Geologists, Biologists, Geographers
  • FormatIn Person / Virtual
  • Access to materialsLifetime